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School Choice and Local Control

Updated: Feb 2, 2021


The proper education of our children must always be a top priority. As a mom of six, I know children learn differently and thrives in different environments. My children attend public school, but I believe there is great value in charter and private school options, as well as homeschooling. The experts on each child are the parents, and it should be up to the parents to decide what educational path is the best fit for their family and their children.

Furthermore, school districts should have the autonomy to make decisions that best fit their community -- they exist for that very reason. The coronavirus pandemic has showcased the diversity of our great state and our unique mix of urban and rural areas. It is thus absolutely appropriate that some counties have different restrictions than others. Local control is crucial in our education system as well to ensure that the education offered fits the needs of that community. This is especially important in rural areas where school districts may need more flexibility in how to use their funding.


Representative Kera Birkeland

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