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Kera Birkeland brings integrity and accountability to the Utah House of Representatives. She displays strength when faced with challenges and never hesitates to stand up for her conservative beliefs, all while remaining open-minded and easy to get along with. Kera's experiences as a small business owner and foster parent have given her first-hand knowledge of government's unnecessary regulations and burdensome bureaucracy. She believes that conservative policies play a fundamental role in the success of Utah. Kera is a wife, mother to six, she runs a small business, and is a high school football and basketball referee. Her time spent on the football field and basketball court serves as great practice for debates on the House floor.  




A message from Kera:

 "As your representative, I will continue fighting to keep the government off of your back, both through regulatory rollback, tax cuts, and reducing the amount of government spending and waste. I will continue to vote against any legislation that would result in a tax increase. I will not stand by and let the government take money from you and your family. I was proud to support and help pass a tax cut in BOTH years I served as your representative. That is the kind common sense policy making I will continue to support when reelected."

Kera will fight for:

Private Property Rights
Choice in Education
Lower Taxes
Local Control
The Unborn
and YOU!


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