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Protect Children

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Dear Friends,

Child exploitation is always wrong. It is indeed a strange time that I feel compelled to write those very obvious words to you, but 2020 is no ordinary year. Whether it is sexual abuse, trafficking, child pornography, pedophilia, or a combination thereof, I am thankful that we as a society are more aware of these abuses that were in the shadows for too long. Knowledge allows us to act.

I want to commend the hard work and incredible bravery of the law enforcement officials, US marshals and other federal agents, organizations such as Operation Underground Railroad, and many others who have, in the summer of 2020 alone, rescued over 70 missing children and arrested perpetrators. These are dangerous missions against some of the worst people in the world, and they do not get nearly the recognition they deserve.

As your legislator, I support the Trump Administration in its efforts to combat child trafficking. I support law enforcement. I will fight against Leftist agendas such as "Defund the Police" that not only increase crime and hurt American cities but make it easier for traffickers to operate. If we stand together as a society and draw a line -- that we will NOT allow children to be exploited -- we CAN make progress against this evil.


Representative Kera Birkeland

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