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I am a Constitutional conservative Republican

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

You can count on me to engage personally, to ensure my votes represent this district!

It has come to my attention that I may not have properly introduced myself! I am a Constitutional conservative Republican, and your current Utah House Representative for District 53. I am a wife, mom, and I have owned several small businesses, so I am very aware of the struggles small businesses face, especially in the time of COVID-19. I will always fight for lower taxes and fewer regulations, allowing Utahns and Americans more control over their hard-earned money and more say over their lives in general.

I believe the government has a limited role to play in our lives, specifically, to protect our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As such, I am pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. I support our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I support capitalism and the rule of law. I believe we need to protect our children, and I believe parents should be in control over decisions that affect their children, such as where they attend school. I believe the biggest threat to our nation at this time is from the Leftists who wish to impose their Socialist vision of America upon our nation, undermining our liberties and founding documents. I believe the Trump Administration has done an admirable job in standing up for the same values I hold dear, and I support our President. As your legislator, I will fight for these values day in and day out in the Utah House of Representatives.

 Representative Birkeland and crew on the field, about to enjoy a great game under the Friday Night Lights!
Representative Birkeland about to enjoy a great game!

I have spent the last ten years owning and running a private preschool and childcare center. During that time, my husband and I started another business, Oil Vault. We sold both businesses earlier this year. I currently work at a law firm as the Business Manager. As a sports fanatic, I also enjoy officiating both high school football and high school basketball. I have been a Republican all my life. I served for several years as the Morgan County Republican Party Chair and then as the Utah Republican Party Vice Chair.

In Liberty,

Representative Kera Birkeland

Utah House District 53

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