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The Constitution

As we approach election season, it is wise to remember that we already have a roadmap to success as a nation and state. Whatever their flaws, our national and state constitutions provide a guiding light based upon the principle that all people are created equal, and a framework for how to best strive towards the important goal of a society that lives based on this principle. Equality of outcome is not possible without a full descent into Socialism, but the equality of opportunity embodied by the Constitution when legislated, interpreted, and executed correctly, allows all to prosper. Though typically associated with the political right, those who strive to follow the Constitution first are the ones who truly bridge the partisan divide. In the legislature, we need representatives who love the Constitution.

In District 53, Republican Kera Birkeland is that representative. In her short tenure as a legislator, she has consistently voted for the Constitution first, regardless of party politics. She has friends on both sides of the aisle, both in and out of the Legislature. She embodies the crucial qualities of compassion and service as witnessed by her years as a foster and adoptive parent; her biracial family gives her a unique perspective on racial equality. A rural resident, she works hard to travel the entire district to represent all of its areas appropriately and ensure rural residents always have a seat at the table in Salt Lake City. Perhaps most importantly given the nature of the 2020 economy, she is a small business owner who personally understands the struggles of entrepreneurs in a way that a corporate executive can not. In Kera, you get a conservative defender of the Constitution, the one document written by men that strives for the goal we all want -- that all men and women are truly treated like they should be -- equally.

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