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Rural Issues Matter!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021


Since being appointed District 53 Representative in April, I have made it a priority to travel around this large district in order to better understand the unique issues that are most important to rural Utahns. Time spent in Daggett and Duchesne Counties, for example, has highlighted issues like the delicate balance between local control and property rights as well as the importance of properly funding education in rural counties. These concerns are too often not a priority on the Wasatch Front, and it is important to me that your voices are heard and our values and way of life protected. As your representative, you can count on me to continue engaging personally to ensure that I understand YOUR needs and vote to represent THIS district.

I am also thrilled to report that our group of supporters has grown considerably, so I wanted to take this opportunity to review some of my recent policy positions. First, during the sixth legislative special session in August 2020, I was (and still am) in favor of ending the state of emergency, but wanted to vote to do so instead of allowing that status to expire. We now know, of course, that the governor immediately instituted a new state of emergency, and as such, I am working to limit the emergency powers of our executive branch and its advisors, to include public health officials, to be more in line with the conservative principle of limited government. When it comes to the economic recovery from COVID-19, I am similarly in favor of reducing regulations as well as the tax burden on Utah families to allow struggling businesses the freedom to make the decisions they need to make to thrive once again.

I am also a proud supporter of the Second Amendment, and the recent level of unrest nationwide reinforces my strong belief that Utahns and all Americans deserve the opportunity to defend their lives, their families, and their property. Finally, I wrote to you all about the need to protect children from all types of exploitation, and applaud all those working around the clock to protect, defend, and rescue those who have been affected.


Representative Kera Birkeland

Utah House District 53

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