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Michelle's Story

I would like to take a moment to share my experience working for Kera Birkeland. As a small business owner for over ten years, Kera knew all her employees personally. She knew their lives and their struggles. She employed high school and college students, single moms, veterans, and me, a military wife. Kera knows that when America was facing economic collapse, thanks to pandemic lockdowns, hardworking people across our state needed more of their paychecks. No corporate executive can understand this in the same way, because they are not the ones interacting with all their employees daily the way that small business owners do. Kera knows what it is like trying to make payroll with our ever-increasing tax burden. She knows what her employees could have done with the money that had to withheld from their paychecks. This experience matters. Utah was built upon the sweat and hard work of entrepreneurs. As your representative, Kera will always fight for the real people who make up our state and national economy. You deserve nothing less. If you want a representative that wants more of your hard-earned money to stay in your pocket, Vote Kera Birkeland!!

Michelle Warner, former employee of Kera's and resident of District 53

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