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2021 Session Week in Review


On Friday we completed our first full week of the 2021 Utah legislative session. I am pleased to report that my committee assignments are the Education and Judiciary Committees as well as the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee.

The most controversial bill discussed last week was HB 60, which would allow permitless carry of concealed weapons. Concealed carry permits would still be available for use in the other states that have reciprocity with Utah, but would not be required to conceal a weapon within Utah. Gun buying laws are not affected. I voted in favor of this bill both in committee and on the House floor.

In addition, my priorities are preparing bills on the following:

  1. A "Use of Force" bill that I am working with law enforcement on

  2. A "Save Women's Sports" bill

  3. A DCFS bill that clarifies who provides ongoing care in the event of severe injuries to children in the foster care system

  4. A bill to help rural schools with funding for online education

It is my goal to provide weekly reports during the session, and please also stay tuned for an update on what the legislature is doing to restore the proper balance of executive powers.

In Liberty,

Representative Kera Birkeland

Utah House District 53

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I am behind you 1 million% on the topic Save Women's Sports!!!

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